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Anti - Wrinkle Treatments

Do you look into the mirror and feel not as youthful as you once did? Anti-wrinkle treatments are used worldwide to eliminate the lines of aging, and is a trusted solution for clients.



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Understanding Anti Wrinkle Treatments

If you are looking to get rid of deeper-set wrinkles or facial lines, anti-wrinkle Treatment is the right choice for you. 

 These treatments focus on muscles below the skin surface and freezes the area to prevent lines on your face from appearing. The procedure is trusted by professionals as a quick and effective way of eliminating wrinkles without surgery and is increasingly becoming popular. 

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Anti Wrinkle treatment can target the following areas...

Forehead - Lines that run across the forehead as a sign of ageing


Frown Lines - Vertical lines that run between your eyebrows, making them look furrowed


Eyebrow lift -  Can be used to relax the brow into a lifted position.

Bunny lines - A minuscule crinkle that appears on the nose when one smiles/laughs

Dimpled chin - May appear on a closed mouth, resembling the texture of an orange


Sad smile - A droop of the mouth that makes you appear upset that is caused by ageing

Lip lines - used to target the vertical lines around the mouth

Marionette lines -  Long and deep wrinkles apparent around the corners of the mouth 

Gummy smile - Gummy smiles are caused by teeth growth or excessive gum tissue, and can also be treated

Is an Anti-Wrinkle treatment right for me?

The treatment is suitable for a range of clients who wish to get rid of wrikles and lines

Please note - Potential candidates with a history of pre-existing medical conditions, such as, damaged nerves, muscular conditions, etc. should inform the medical professional during their initial consultation. This is to prevent and chance of risks.

What can I expect?

Anti-wrinkle procedures are non-invasive which means that there is no worry of a recovery period.Similar to dermal fillers, one might notice slight bruising or swelling where treated.

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