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Fat Dissolving

Have you been going to the gym often to get rid of your stubborn fat but have seen no significant change? We have a solution for you that is non - surgical and aims at getting rid of targeted fat! Read more below. 

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Fat Dissolving Treatment

Fat dissolving treatment is used to target areas of the body that store stubborn fat. It works by breaking down fat cells and destroying them, which is then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. It is carried out by a trained professionally who sees to your needs, and during consultation, will explain the process to you in depth. The expert will first assess your expectations to determine if you are well suited for this treatment.


 Please note that fat dissolving treatment fall under body contouring and does not aid in weight loss.

Key Features:

- Minimum of three treatments, 3-6 weeks apart. Results become visible after second treatment

- There is minimal side effects; slight swelling/soreness and bruising that last up to 7 days

- You will be required to avoid exposing the treated area from sunlight and cosmetics (up to 12 hours post treatment)

Enquire with us to know if you are well suited for this treatment and learn more about the procedure.