Lip Fillers

Get Yourself Plumper Lips


Looking to get fuller lips? This would be the right choice for you. Bring back the plumpness and youth back into them for lovelie

Lip Fillers

with 1 Cosmetic Group

 Lip Fillers are minimally intrusive with a number of objectives: they can adjust to the shape of your lips as well as reverse the signs of maturing. 

Aging is an inevitability that has many repercussions. One being the it can change the shape of your lips and deduct its volume. Therefore, the role of the Dermal lip filler would be to administer the volume back into the lips and as a result restore the equilibrium of the feature leading to a much more youthful appearance.

At 1 Cosmetic Group, our experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Nurse Practitioners use the best techniques to get rid of your insecurities and give you beautiful, natural-looking, full lips. It involves minimal discomfort and have immediate, visible results. 

How much would I need?

Prior to the procedure, you will be able to discuss the results you desire with one of our top of the range medical practitioners. In this consultation, we will determine the amount of product you'll need to achieve the lips of your dreams. Should you be uncertain on what suits your face or should you require a second opinion, our practitioner will be happy to provide their input. We will always ensure your requests are realistic. For example, in some cases you might find that less is more!

How long do they last?

Here at our clinic, we only use the best resources available. Our premium quality derma fillers can ensure that the results of your lip enhancement procedure can last for up to 12 months.