Spider Veins

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Spider Veins

Understanding Spider Veins

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Its is a minimally invasive medical procedure that involves administration of chemicals into the veins in order to obliterate them or minimise their appearance. Whilst Treatment can be used to treat blood vessel malformations its most common target among patients are the varicose veins which can be found on the legs and arms.  

To understand how Treatment work, you need to look no further than its derivative term ‘skleros’ which means hard and has come about because after a vein is administered the vein seals off and goes hard before the body breaks it down. 

How is Treatment performed?

As mentioned above, Treatment is mildly invasive and requires no anaesthesia. You will be able to return to your regular routine as soon as you leave the clinic room. Although, it is recommended that you walk for 20-30 minutes after the treatment and you will be asked to wear stockings for two weeks. Keeping active is important as it prevents blood clots and the stockings will retain compression on the treated veins. All in all, the treatment will take no more than 30 minutes.

How does Treatment work?

A fine Cannula is inserted in to a vein and a small amount of sclerosant is administered into the vein. The abrasive nature of the salt-based solution sclerosant works to damage the internal lining of the vein causing it to collapse and seal off. The solution will cause the vein to scar and encourages the blood to flow to the alternatively more healthier veins. Within weeks, the treated vein will collapse and be absorbed into a local tissue before fading away. Essentially, the body works to remove the vein in the same way it works to remove a bruise.



Endovenous thermal ablation works by generating intense heat through laser or high frequency radio waves in order to seal off the problematic vein.


The heat is directed through the catheter which then works to cauterize the vein but also leave it in place so that there is little to minimal bleeding and bruising. In the court of public opinion,


Endovenous thermal ablation is seen as less painful than litigation and stripping when it comes to the removal of veins.

Spider Veins
Spider Veins